Do​-​Undo (in G maze)

by M.Holterbach & Julia Eckhardt

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m.holterbach + julia eckhardt

Do-Undo (in G maze)

1. Julia's ecstatic spring phenomenon

viola, gong, maple tree, wire netting, crickets, gust of wind and oak tree
composed in Lyon, France in 2006, commissioned by Q-O2

2. Two stasis made out of electricity

part 1: Pic-nic by the high-tension line stepdown transformer (after Jens Brand)

Electric powerplants, arc lamp, buzz of an amplifier in a Frederic Le Junter installation, Paris subway's electric railways, my friend Jean-Christophe Guédon's fridge, tubular recordings of Jens Brand, Anne Wellmer and Arnoudt Jacobs rehearsals during the Do-Undo night at the Netwerk in Aalst, Belgium, in october 2006.

part 2: Lady Viola dreaming in a humming cloud of electro-static

Viola, electro-static phenomenons in various french trains, alarm of the Netwerk in Aalst, Belgium, a slow afternoon Tonton Macoute drone experience for cheap organ and e-bowed banjo
composed in Lyon, France from 2007 to 2008.

Julia Eckhardt plays Viola, recorded by Ludo Engels.
All field recordings by M.Holterbach with various kind of microphones, contact-microphones and electromagnetic coils.
All the electric phenomenons in "Two stasis made out of electricity" were naturaly sounding in G, no pitch effects were used to make these fit the viola recordings.

Compositions by M.Holterbach.

DoUndo/recycling G is a project initiated by Julia Eckhard and Ludo Engels.
They have been collecting exclusively long viola sounds in G, rich in overtones and partly distorted.
This 'collection' of sounds was then presented to other (sound) artists, proposing further processing.
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released August 8, 2008

M.Holterbach wants to thanks all the crew at Q-O2 (Julia, Ludo, Els, Leen, Marie-Hélène), as much as Anne, Arnoudt and Jens for inspiration.

Thanks also to Jim Haynes at Helen Scarsdale Agency for the wonderful work he did.



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Emmanuel Holterbach Lyon, France

Emmanuel Holterbach is a musique concrete composer and sound artist.
He presents lectures about sound art and the art of listening.
He organises Eliane Radigue’s archives, have written her biography (published by INA/GRM) and coordinates the publication of her archives for Alga Marghen and Important Records.
Co-founder member of record label Les Productions Fluorescentes.
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